GoLive Rant

First off. I’m an Adobe loyalist. I love Illustrator and Photoshop and even like Acrobat on occasion (although 6.0 is a memory pig). Maybe this blog entry will get its own rant if the GoLive team doesn’t release an update. Fact: GoLiveCS is buggy and crashes often. Fact: Lots of users have complained and “stability” is the number one requested “new” feature. Fact: There has not been a bugfix release since 3/2004!!! Rumor: GoLiveCS is due for version 2.0, which will likely come with a $100 “upgrade fee”.

As a mechanical engineer, I am truly in awe with how certain portions of the software industry (you can’t blame all of them, because there *is* good software out there) keep charging for beta-level software. And if that wasn’t enough, they hide behind the “everybody’s doing it” excuse! If I hadn’t spent all this time learning GoLive (it is *far* from intuitive, so be prepared to study the manual) and constructing this site, I think I might have gone Dreamweaver. There are days, when due to planetary misalignment and the cold weather outside, GoLive will spontaneously crash at least every 30 minutes. I am starting to wonder where GoLive’s QA engineers were during the time of release. And if that isn’t enough, numerous other users are complaining of the same issues…with no update in sight!

The way I figure it, Adobe is going to have to cut me a check for using GoLive…as a QA tester!

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