Rubbing elbows at the SAP

Went to SAP open (formerly the Seibol Open) last night to watch the semifinals with Agassi and another game with Roddick. The first match (see my tennis rant) between Agassi and somebody else in a blue shirt was a sleeper. Agassi was asleep, and gave up midway through the 2nd set. It was about this time, that I noticed Mike Ricci (former San Jose Shark) and Vinnie Damphousse (former Shark as well). Those two (and their blonde wives) were far more interesting to watch than the Agassi match.

Implication: Seeing Vinnie in San Jose for a tennis match confirms THAT THE NHL SEASON IS OVER! Vinnie is one of the high-ranking (aka “rich”) players in the NHLPA who should be in Toronto sitting in a locked room with the NHL owners trying to hammer out a deal.
Well, it was good to see Ricci. His hair looks like he just took it out of a helmet…stringy, greasy, in need of a hair cut and possibly a queer-eye intervention. Guess we can’t consider him (or Vinnie) NHL players anymore….they are essentially amateurs now. So, we left them alone.
The Roddick game was a little more entertaining. Against some swede from Monte Carlo, the game was about serving and errors and went to the final game of the third set.

The highlight of the game came somewhere in the second set. Looking over and watching Ricci spit his chew into a empty pepsi-can, I suddenly hear high-pitched cat calls and whistles. I look to the court and see the source of all the commotion. Roddick had taken his shirt off (to change into an identical shirt) and every single woman in the crowd emblazened the image into memory. Thunder-Down-Under gots nothings on dat..

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