Tennis Rant(s)

First off….I enjoy watching tennis (far more than baseball, but that’s a rant for another day) Like a loyal fan, I’ll sit out in the hot sun to watch games between players I don’t even recognize. When all the big name games are done, I’ll stick around for the doubles games, too! Well, in spite of the great sport, there are some things about the sport that deserve a little ranting.

Game, Set, Match

Why is tennis a match? I go and see hockey games, basketball games, soccer games, baseball games, football games, kabadi games, cricket games, rugby games. But for some reason, tennis screwed the system and decided that a Tennis Game would only last about 1 minute. But even then, you can’t say "I’m going to see the Tennis Games between Agassi and blue-shirt". Instead, as we paid for a parking we heard the attendant say "Enjoy the matches". Matches are for starting fires.


While I’m at it….I never understood the stupidity that is scoring in tennis. At least in football and rugby there is a staggered scoring system (more points for certain actions) that has some basis in reality. But who’s brilliant idea was it to make a 15-30-40-Game scoring. And why the heck is that final point NOT 45? I am willing to live with Deuce and Advantage Out and Advantage In.
Just to prove how silly the scoring system is in tennis, when it comes down to the tie breaker set. Tennis admits that its system is silly and simply uses numbers (1-2-3-4…) for a tie breaker. And in tie-breakers, there is none of this Advantage and Deuce stuff. WTF mate? Why can’t we just score normal games/sets/matches (whatever-you-want-to-call-them) like that?

The Fans

And finally…..I much prefer beer-drinking blue-collar fans (hockey, lacrosse) to the wine-drinking white-collar fans we bumped into at the tennis-tank. Case in point #1: As we crossed the street in the rain (no umbrellas), a family *with* umbrellas pushes past and through us as if in a hurry to get out of the rain. Perhaps their umbrellas were made out of sugar…..rudeness score +5 for the tennis fans. Case in point #2: with a crowd of 7,000, one would expect the arena (holds 17,000 at a Shark’s game) to clear out fairly quick. This was not the case with the pushy tennis fans. Even during the soldout Sharks/Avalanche playoff series we had no problem walking through the concourse without getting pushed out of the way. No so with tennis fans. Don’t know why, surely not all of them are this way, but enough are. Self-importance points +100 for the tennis fans (this is based on the assumption that only 1 out of every 70 fans is pushy).

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