Three Quick Things

#1… a long time swimmer of mine (yes, I’m a part-time swim coach)….said his final goodbyes today. Having coached for nearly 15 years, I have seen swimmers grow up from 5 year-olds to college athletes. These goodbyes are both sad and happy at the same time. While it will be sad to see such a great guy head back with his family to Japan (after years in this area), it will be great for him to have traveled and experienced the world. He will surely bring his irreverant style and wonderful attitude with him. Beware Japanese coaches…..your swimmers will be “eating American bubbles” (his words). May he and I meet up again (either in Tokyo or in the states on a pool deck)!

#2… I’m switching jobs. Yup….for those of you that know me, I will be changing employers after 7.5 years at Lightwave. Bittersweet indeed. I will miss everybody there that I worked with, but am happy to depart after 3 patents, half a dozen successful laser designs (e.g., models 110, 112, 142 as seen on the web site) and too many tools and fixtures to count. Viva la Barracuda!

#3… Lightwave has been acquired by JDSUniphase. The announcement came 21st. As I leave, the company is in the throws of acquisition and “figuring things out” in order to move on to the next step as part of a larger entity. Interesting times, for sure.

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