Cold Stone Rant

Time for a quick and dirty rant about Coldstone Creamery. First off, of course, I LOVE THE ICE CREAM AT COLDSTONE. I’ve been a loyal customer since my first scoop in Vegas back in ’98. I’m such a die-hard, that when the local chain store opened up nearby, we were there several times a week (and I gained 10 pounds almost instantly). I am such a die-hard, that *before* Coldstone started offering tasty October flavors, I was bringing in pumpkin pie filling and asking them to mix it in for me. Steph and I have been known to take home chocolate ice cream, add creme de menthe and creme de cacao serve up frozen Grasshoppers. Heck, I’m such a fan that i’m willing to be the corporate “whore” and wear a Coldstone t-shirt (I bought one years ago). My favorite assemblies include [coffee ice cream, irish creme flavoring and marshmellow mix-in], [chocolate ice cream, dark walnut flavoring and heath bar mix-in].

Well, now for the rant. Coldstone has gone corporate al la Starcraps. I went in just the other day (healthy diet be damned) and asked for a favorite…[coffee ice cream, irish creme flavoring and marshmellow mix-in]. To my surprise, COLDSTONE NO LONG DOES FLAVORINGS!! What’s the point of Sweet Cream Ice Cream if you can’t add in some bubblegum, raspberry, rootbeer, or other whacky flavoring? How was I to make my irish cream coffee ice cream? WORSE YET, THEY DON’T HAVE MARSHMELLOW FLUFF ANYMORE! What’s up with that? I LOVE marshmellow fluff in my ice cream…’s goopy and sweet and downright tasty. Coldstone might as well start pre-mixing the mix-ins and force you to buy their choice of combination. Have it your way be damned.

Yet, someone in the corporate office somewhere decided to “simplify the product offering”. You’ll notice that about 2 years ago the menu on the wall at your local Coldstone got super simplified by some high-falutin graphic designer and instantly became DOWNRIGHT user unfriendly. The brilliant corporate schmucks took away a listing of all your options, and now you have to stand 1 foot in front of a 10 foot long counter and attempt to choose from a reduced variety of poorly labeled mix-ins. Without the listing of available products, offerings, mix-ins and flavorings, it’s no wonder that people suddenly became unaware that they could get marshmellow fluff and irish cream flavoring added to their coffee ice cream. Now, it takes even longer for people to figure out what they want….and when they do figure it out, chances are they had already (impulsively so as not to take too much time) asked for the first mix-in in their sight (instead of what they really wanted)

It makes me mad enough to ***rampage***. Pretty soon, Coldstone is going to be as simplified as In-N-Out burger….just go up and order a double-double animal style (not on the menu) or a 4×4 protein style (also not on the menu). I thrive on the variety and simply want the option to have some marshmellow fluff mixed into my “product”. BRING BACK THE FLUFF

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