Another quick hockey post

Time for another quick share of some hockey photos. Let’s see, I’ve been playing for about 2 years now. My kickers are a little less than one year old now. Then, back on my birthday last year, I got my brand new Smith Hockey glove and blocker to match the leg pads.

Mini Gear Review:

For everyone out there: The Smith Hockey gear has been awesome!!! I figure I need to do a full write review on the goalie message board at some point. But for now, let me say that the glove is a puck magnet (“Whatever Spiderman”, I hear you say) and the blocker is solid and has a great grip. The pads have survived serious abuse. I play (on average) 3-5 games per week and I must say that the Smith Hockey gear is the only gear I have that has not broken down or needed extensive repair! Even my brand new (<5 months) Graf Goaler Elite skates have popped a couple of eyelets (in the middle of a game no less). My brand new CCM pro chest armor (<5 months) has had numerous stiches bust out, too.

Put it this way…a goalie’s gotta love their gear (or bruises), and I love these pads. The flat face really gives me some rebound control. The square out roll has prevented numerous skip-overs. The thigh-boards tied to the pad really has saved several “barn door” 5-hole goals. The floating toe is a brilliant invention that saves my ankles The outside cheaters really help seal the post.

As for the catch glove…the thing is a puck magnet. Pucks go in, but they don’t come out. No stingers either, and I’ve caught some damn hard slap shots with the thing. I also love the various adjustment straps that tighten up to give a great sense of control. The glove is light, airy (yup….my hand never gets as sweaty as it did in my old Bauer glove), and the way it opens up to dry is even better!!!

The blocker felt different at first, but it holds the stick nicely and has protected my fingers on numerous occasions. The leather is a great quality and it dries quickly as well. No stingers off of this thing either. Most importantly, unlike my previous Vaughn blocker, I have not had to replace a single stitch!!!


Jason Molenda (kick ass!!) has been snapping photos left and right, so without further ado….here are some of my recent favorites with my new pads.

Catching a little shut-eye! Damn, those pads look nice.

Blocker save – wah!

Deflection….but what is that glove doing over there?

There goes the puck…..overhead.

Making the kicksave.

Zoiks, I’m surrounded.

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