Randy foils his own breakaway attempt

Once again, time to thank Jason Molenda for taking the following photos.

Randy has had strings where I simply couldn’t stop his shots. This time, however, he provided me with a little assistance. Thanks, Randy!

Randy starting the breakaway

Nice form...

starts his deek -- cutting to his right

pulls the puck to his backhand, but I've got the read

pad slide initiated -- my catcher is WAY too low

Boy, howdy, do I need to get my catcher up!

randy releases low on backhand right into my pads

begin making kick save -- randy begins falling

kick save made, randy gets air

randy goes for more air

Randy says: "Hey, I'm sideways"

Kick save complete, Randy lands

Red wondering WTF

Good followup on D

begin recovery -- where did Randy go?

There's Randy's skate

Whoops..gonna need that puck

What a guy... still trying to play the puck

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