Goalie Thoughts: Things I’ve Had Said to Me

We goalies get called a lot of things, some of them congratulatory, some of them not so much… here’s a random list of things I’ve been called or had said to me(recents and additions at the top).

last updated: March 27 2009

  • We’ve got Spaghetti (thanks Toasters…)
  • Don’t you think you’ve made enough good saves for one night?
  • Could you suck more, please?
  • “The goalie must be wearing some kind of magic pads”
  • You tease!
  • Nice work, gumby.
  • Whatever, Spiderman!
  • Go, Go, Gadget Go!
  • Nice Kung-Fu Batman.
  • Hey, mattress legs.
  • Biscuit hippie!
  • A 5-hole like a vegas stripper!
  • Standards: Goalie, Keeper, Net-man, wall, thief.

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