Quick Rant – Easy Target


Today’s rant is a quick one…..and it’s target is almost too easy:  AT&T.

I have a personal cell phone and work cell phone.   It was trivial to set my personal cell phone to forward calls on to my work number.   To a person dialing me, this all happens transparently.   The only negative is when I dial somebody from my work line, they naturally see my work cell number (it doesn’t masquerade).


But WHY THE 621311 CAN’T I FORWARD SMS/MMS MESSAGES (texts)?    Seriously?   My world is neither imagined nor delivered by AT&T or whatever their attempt at a tagline is today.  Dolts.

Realistically, forwarding text messages (in my case, “bouncing” would be a better term so that the headers don’t get messed up) is no more difficult than bouncing emails.  It’s something AT&T already does as they relay the text message to your handset.  Storing modified route information would cost them nothing, especially since they already do this for phone calls!

Constructive Attempts at a Solution

Yeah, I know that grand central (now google voice) can transcribe my texts and kick them to email where I can wait for them to download into an inbox and then wade through them all and struggle to reply to them in a cohesive way.   This would remove the only 2 things texts have going for them (immediacy and automatically threaded-by-person).

Oh, and I did actually call AT&T and ask about this feature.   Nope.   Nada.   Couldn’t care less, ’cause they’d rather charge me outlandish rates for a couple of nibbles of data.  Escalating the phone call got me nothing (and this was already with our ‘premium’ business customer service rep).

Plea for Help

Anyone know of a iPhone app that can automatically forward texts to another number without losing or significantly altering the header info?  Ideally, the message would arrive on the new phone as if it had been sent directly to there and when I reply, the recipient would be unaware of the handset change (much like forwarded phone calls).

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  • Viv

    Why not have Google Voice forward to your work cell phone? It’ll send all calls and texts immediately to that phone, and as you mentioned you’ll get all voicemails and texts via Voice/e-mail on a delay.

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