Mega Post Page — Inca Trail Hike 2005


This whole thing started back on May 17th, 2005. I had casually deleted the email from the Stanford Alumni Association figuring that neither Steph or myself could afford the trip, or that it would be of any interest to either one of us. I was so very wrong! To my amazement, the girl from Florida who had never been south of the equator (let alone out of the country) was seriously considering it (note: this same girl-from-florida also loves sushi and now plays ice-hockey—go figure). We knew that these trips sold out and had to act quickly. Could we afford it? Was the timing right? Could we manage the details? Would we ever have this opportunity again? (Yes, Yes, Yes, Not Really). Within a few days we had our deposit wired and were confirmed for the trip. Within 2 weeks all 30 spots were sold out. We were on the trail 4 months later.


Denver Hockey Tourney


Well…it’s off to Denver for Steph’s women’s hockey tournament. Boarded the plane in rainy-nasty San Jose and sat down next to a woman who was so filled with self importance that she had a once sided conversation on her cell phone un until they they started taxiing. We heard about her trip to the Netherlands, her 10 million dollar proposal, and how she did something for some guy and he certainly isn’t going to forget about it. This lady was annoying and loud. She just kept yapping—I’m positive that the person on the other end of the deal had already hung up the phone. Cheez.

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Vegas Women’s Hockey Tourney

Back from a weekend in Vegas, and what a weekend it was. Got to be the “hockey wife” and watch my gf and The Burninators (Strongbad reference) make it all the way to the finals. The Vegas Women’s Hockey Invitational (or whatever it’s called) had 6 divisions (each with about 5 teams). Lot’s of hockey all weekend long (total of 5 games in <70 hours!)
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Memorial Day Backpacking Pictures

Pictures from our Memorial Day Hiking Trip are up and are posted here.

To get to the Carr-Feely Lake Area, take Hwy80 East towards Reno. Just after Emigrant Gap exit on Hwy 20. After a few miles downhill, take the really sharp right onto Bowman Lake Road. From there, follow the signs to Carr-Feely Lake.