NHL 2004-2005 Lockout Rant

First off….I was a huge Sharks fan. Either listened (radio) watched (FoxSports) or attended every game for the 2002-2003 and 2003-2004 season. I was a Sharks fan back in the inaugural years as well. Sure, there are bigger fans…but I still feel pretty qualified and compelled to rant on the lockout.

Second….I don’t think I will be a Sharks fan for years after this. Screw the players. I’d rather watch a bunch of scrappy amateurs (my GF for instance) play with their hearts and not their pocketbooks.

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Tennis Rant(s)

First off….I enjoy watching tennis (far more than baseball, but that’s a rant for another day) Like a loyal fan, I’ll sit out in the hot sun to watch games between players I don’t even recognize. When all the big name games are done, I’ll stick around for the doubles games, too! Well, in spite of the great sport, there are some things about the sport that deserve a little ranting.

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SBC / AT&T Customer Service Rant

Well, it took 2 days, but I did it. I beat the odds. I kicked some butt.

Well, sort of.

A couple of days ago, I noticed that my bloody phone at home wasn’t ringing. For all I know, it could have been weeks since it last rang (I don’t get a lot of phone calls and nobody ever leaves me messages, so I had no real way of knowing). Turns out, this time I was waiting for a call and all that I heard was a short blip on the phone. Weird. I could call out, I could use my DSL line. Everything *seemed* fine. So…tried to report the problem to SBC. Don’t ever try to actually call SBC! Waste of time, especially when the poor schmucks on the phone start reading a script and find out you have DSL. To make matters worse, if you have static IP DSL (like yours truly) matters become impossible. Seems like SBC sold a product they can’t script tech support for. But I digress.

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GoLive Rant

First off. I’m an Adobe loyalist. I love Illustrator and Photoshop and even like Acrobat on occasion (although 6.0 is a memory pig). Maybe this blog entry will get its own rant if the GoLive team doesn’t release an update. Fact: GoLiveCS is buggy and crashes often. Fact: Lots of users have complained and “stability” is the number one requested “new” feature. Fact: There has not been a bugfix release since 3/2004!!! Rumor: GoLiveCS is due for version 2.0, which will likely come with a $100 “upgrade fee”.

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