Why I jailbroke (unlocked) an iPhone and How

First, the mini <rant>: F-U Apple & AT&T. You pissed me off this weekend, and I’m a bloody self-admitted Apple fanboy! Why on earth can’t I take an iPhone and yank the SIM chip and have an effective iPod Touch? Why doesn’t this work? Why do you force me to sign up for AT&T or […]

Products we love (Part 3)

We love both the TC and FC carriers for both strolling around town and on hikes. In a crowded coffee shop, these packs take up much less room than a stroller and we find ourselves far more maneuverable as well. […]

Products Whose Design Just Missed Rant


Surely at some point in your life you have purchased a new product you were just super excited to try. You were so excited that you rushed home in excitement in order to open the box (that you just paid for) like it was some gift from a far off land (China), even though […]

Products That Need Standards Rant

Tonight’s rant is a simple rant with simple goals (to improve the world, of course.


Stop for a moment and think about the various Standards that surround you.

I’m not just talking about the obvious Standards (like USB, IEEE1394=Firewire, 802.11abcdefgthruz), but also about the subterranean foundational standards (ANSI screw sizes, […]