5,000 down . . .

A long time ago, a naive Red was hoping to be out by 5,000. Guess what? Didn’t happen […]

Products we love (part 4)

Believe it or not, we saw high chairs with cushions that could not come out, or trays that could not go in the dishwasher, or impossible-to-clean crevices. Well, screw those designers. We found better. […]

Products we love (Part 3)

We love both the TC and FC carriers for both strolling around town and on hikes. In a crowded coffee shop, these packs take up much less room than a stroller and we find ourselves far more maneuverable as well. […]

Celebrating 3k!

Whoa there, Biscuit!

About a week ago, we hit another parenting milestone — 3000 diapers! It hasn’t been that long since 2000 and I’m starting to doubt we’ll escape this first child with only 5000. (Maybe 6,000 is more realistic).

For her part, Dagny saved up for a few days and celebrated in style. Her […]

More products we just love

The thing is digital and paired (so somewhat secure) and has an awesome range! We can put Dagny to sleep upstairs and go downstairs and outside and garden. […]

Celebrating 2000!

Here’s hoping that we’ll be “out” before we hit 5000! […]

Dagny’s Dislike for Doctors

As we sit in the waiting room, Dagny will smile and babble and smile some more […]

Doing Something Right!

Well, we must be doing something right.

Tummy time head lift…… oooh the Olympian effort.

Just this last weekend we celebrated our 1,000th diaper. I say celebrated, because Dagny insisted on screaming throughout the entire change, and I did a little dance with my arms in the air.

It’s also significant, because it […]

2 “Custom” Baby Products

And now with the baby, we have stumbled upon 2 very effective solutions to common baby issues. I’d like to pass these along for the hopes that it saves some body a little bit of money/grief along the way. […]

2 months of fatherhood lessons

Without further ado, here are some random things I have picked up after nearly 2 months of being a father. […]