The Quiet Goalie

Here’s a post that I’ve been meaning to post for quite some time and just now finally getting around to writing.

Why won’t you talk to me?

Goals can be a good time to grab a break.

It didn’t take long for me to figure out one thing about the entire goalie […]

Necessary Baby Products So Far

The mittens keep the baby from going Freddy Kruger on her own face. […]

I guess this one counts


Goalie Dreams…

Typically one should not publically discuss the happenings in one’s bed with one’s wife, but this is just too good a story to pass up. This happened sometime in 2007, I believe.


Goalie Thoughts: Whining About Starting In Net


I tell any new goalies that I meet that the first 3 months are the hardest ever. I’m a former athlete (swimmer) and played goalie in soccer growing up. But starting out goalie in ice hockey was a completely different experience. I’ll whine about starting out in this post, so that in the next […]

Keg Photo!

Once again, time to thank Jason Molenda for taking the following photo.

Wrapping up a great season with a couple of great teams. Below is our Tuesday night team, the Nomads, posed in front of the (puff-paint) painted “Stanley Keg”. It was an exciting game….complete with a tieing goal with 90 seconds remaining. After a […]

Goalie Thoughts: I Has A Flavor

Today, we’ll discuss one of those less-than-obvious things about being a goalie (and player, too perhaps).


While I have short hair, I’m currently sporting the (out-of-style) spiky look. To get said spiky look one has to use product. Not a lot, mind you, but some reasonably stiff hair gel of sorts.


Goalie Thoughts: Petting the Monkey

Sorry about this, but today’s goalie thought gets a little touchy feely. I only ask that you not laugh at me too hard — I’m sensitive that way and, after all, I’m doing you the favor of letting you into the dark cobwebby corners of my twisted mind.


Goalie Thoughts: Things I’ve Had Said to Me

We goalies get called a lot of things, some of them congratulatory, some of them not so much… here’s a random list of things I’ve been called or had said to me […]

Goalie Thoughts: How Goalies Keep Score

You see, the score might determine who wins or loses, but it doesn’t tell the story of how it got that way. Nor does it tell the story of how any one team member played. I’ve had some of my best games in net on the losing side of the battle — there is only so much you can do. […]