Why I jailbroke (unlocked) an iPhone and How

First, the mini <rant>: F-U Apple & AT&T. You pissed me off this weekend, and I’m a bloody self-admitted Apple fanboy! Why on earth can’t I take an iPhone and yank the SIM chip and have an effective iPod Touch? Why doesn’t this work? Why do you force me to sign up for AT&T or […]

Great Balls of Tea — Details of Spherification

I popped the clumpy mixture into the microwave for 30 seconds and took it just shy of a boil — voila, the sodium alginate clumps broke apart and a whisk finished the job. The resulitng liquid was fairly bubble free and slightly thicker (think maple syrup). […]

January, 2005 Updates


Just cranking on the site. I hope to have My Night In The Hospital up really soon…(it’s next). I figure I’d post it in the rants section.


Attendance was 7,000…good game, some great fights (I miss hockey!!!). The Stealth ended up losing, but the good news was that the Spy Girls weren’t around […]

Wedding Board Update

Here’s an awesome photo of an open board with 7 pegs in each of the 7 color modes. And here is another picture showing the top and the power switch.

The Pegs for The Wedding Board were quite the work. To this date, over 100 Pegs have been constructed in various forms. They turned out […]

Cribbage Board #10 Completed!

I am pleased to announce the completion of Cribbage Board #10. It has taken 3.5 years of hard work and dedication.

The first completed Wedding Board was “shipped” on 4/16. The second was “shipped” on 6/12. Documentation was assembled and completed on 6/25 (for a design contest).

Check back soon for more pictures and documents […]