Strongly Held Beliefs No Basis In Fact(s).

Pronounced “She’-Ben-O-Biff”. Similar to NIH (Not Invented Here). SHeBeNoBIF can be a reason for rejecting something or ignoring new data, purposely remaining stubborn.

Examples Our internal IT department has SHeBeNoBIF regarding migrating to external cloud services. The repbulican party’s SHeBeNoBIF keeps dragging their approval ratings lower and […]

Why I jailbroke (unlocked) an iPhone and How

First, the mini <rant>: F-U Apple & AT&T. You pissed me off this weekend, and I’m a bloody self-admitted Apple fanboy! Why on earth can’t I take an iPhone and yank the SIM chip and have an effective iPod Touch? Why doesn’t this work? Why do you force me to sign up for AT&T or […]

Great Balls of Tea — Details of Spherification

I popped the clumpy mixture into the microwave for 30 seconds and took it just shy of a boil — voila, the sodium alginate clumps broke apart and a whisk finished the job. The resulitng liquid was fairly bubble free and slightly thicker (think maple syrup). […]

Three Quick Things

#1… a long time swimmer of mine (yes, I’m a part-time swim coach)….said his final goodbyes today. Having coached for nearly 15 years, I have seen swimmers grow up from 5 year-olds to college athletes. These goodbyes are both sad and happy at the same time. While it will be sad to see such a […]

Random Weekend

Warning: This blog entry serves no purpose. That said, I woke up this morning and had some super duper ultra tasty coffee from the war-torn (can’t we just say “worn”) region of Zimbabwe. Due to political instabilities on the other side of the world, this particular version bitter brew is most likely headed towards extinction. […]