Quick Rant – Easy Target

My world is neither imagined nor delivered by AT&T or whatever their attempt at a tagline is today. Dolts. […]

Rant: The woes of Office 2008 for the Mac

The following rant revolves around Office 2008 for the Mac. In the 2008 release, Office supposedly goes “native” for the x86 architecture and Aqua. My old copy of Office 2000 was still working and running under Rosetta on 10.5, but (silly me) I felt like I needed to upgrade for improved performance when I upgraded […]

Recipe Rant #1: Ingredient List Order Pain

Today’s rant is a little about recipes. We’ll make this one short and to the point and really just hammer on specific part — the order of ingredients.


An open letter to the woman who changed her daughter’s diaper right next to us as we ate…

This rant goes out to the mother who decided to change her infant’s diaper right next to us: on the floor, in a crowded coffee shop, as we tried to have a relaxing bite to eat in a sanitary and fairly smell-free environment.


Bad Driver Rant

This one is less of a rant and more about universal ways to stereotype bad drivers


Can’t Find a Car Wash Rant

…updated 6/10/2005

Well….they car washes in Mountain View aren’t really banned. It seems more like it was a basic, simple, and nonchalant yet remarkably evil cospiracy afoot to keep me from washing my car.


Cold Stone Rant

Time for a quick and dirty rant about Coldstone Creamery. First off, of course, I LOVE THE ICE CREAM AT COLDSTONE. I’ve been a loyal customer since my first scoop in Vegas back in ’98. I’m such a die-hard, that when the local chain store opened up nearby, we were there several times a week […]

Products Whose Design Just Missed Rant


Surely at some point in your life you have purchased a new product you were just super excited to try. You were so excited that you rushed home in excitement in order to open the box (that you just paid for) like it was some gift from a far off land (China), even though […]

Products That Need Standards Rant

Tonight’s rant is a simple rant with simple goals (to improve the world, of course.


Stop for a moment and think about the various Standards that surround you.

I’m not just talking about the obvious Standards (like USB, IEEE1394=Firewire, 802.11abcdefgthruz), but also about the subterranean foundational standards (ANSI screw sizes, […]

Rant About Rants

I have been thinking, and this is usually a Bad Thing.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about Rants.

What makes a good rant? What makes a rant more interesting? What makes a rant more valuable to the general web-populice? Why rant at all? […]