Wedding Board Update

Here’s an awesome photo of an open board with 7 pegs in each of the 7 color modes. And here is another picture showing the top and the power switch.

The Pegs for The Wedding Board were quite the work. To this date, over 100 Pegs have been constructed in various forms. They turned out to be quite the development board for the Atmel ATTiny12 microcontroller. Here is a closeup of the microcontroller side of the Peg. This PCB is small enough to fit inside an RCA plug and still have room on the back side for an ISP connector.

The Pegs are “programmed” through power cycling numerous times at a fairly rapid rate. Although possible to do by hand, a “Programmer Board” was included with The Wedding Board. In addition to being able to simultaneously program 3 pegs, there’s a mode-chart, a mode selection switch and a push-to-program button. Here is the “Programmer Board” photo.

Still confused what this all does??? I put together several videos. Head to the Wedding Board area, or go directly to the Movies section.

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