Goalie Dreams…

Typically one should not publically discuss the happenings in one’s bed with one’s wife, but this is just too good a story to pass up.   This happened sometime in 2007, I believe.

Sometimes after the late (10:45) games, I’ll get home, grab a quick shower and crawl right into bed at about 1 o’clock.   On occasion, I’ll be rewinding and replaying some of the plays of the night as I drift off to sleep.   As a result of my mental playback, I sometimes end up dreaming goalie dreams.

This particular night had been a pretty rough-and-tumble game.  Big guys screening me, bumping me around, getting in my way, etc.  Oh, and I was still in the early stages of learning how to protect myself and my beloved crease.

You see, us goalies don’t get to use the entire ice surface like the rest of you skaters.  Instead, we get a little bit of space at one end of the rink where we find our solace.  Instead of jabbering on the bench with the team, we have posts, a crossbar and some netting to keep us company.   We like our little space, which explains why we sometimes “flip the crazy switch” when our comfort zone gets invaded.   Heck, it’s all we got!

Anyway,  so I’m dreaming away and sleeping pretty hard.   I’m playing a great dream-game in net.  Things are going well when suddenly, from somewhere off-ice, I hear:

“ooowwwww oww oww  owww”

which is weird, since I’m really holding my own in this game…..but I begrudgingly take a dream time-out when it continues with:

“owwwwwwwwwwwww….. Ouch!”

…and drearily open my eyes to see Steph on her back with my elbow jabbing into her ribcage.  Steph is holding her side, nearly falling out of bed and has a look of profound shock on her face.

“Ouch, that hurt!   Why were you elbowing me?!?”, she demands.

And in my half-dreamy state, I  simply reply:  “You were in my crease.”

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