Celebrating 3k!

Whoa there, Biscuit!

About a week ago, we hit another parenting milestone — 3000 diapers!  It hasn’t been that long since 2000 and I’m starting to doubt we’ll escape this first child with only 5000. (Maybe 6,000 is more realistic).

For her part, Dagny saved up for a few days and celebrated in style.   Her little event involved fingerpainting with poo and even attempts at taste testing.  There was crying, squirming and in the end we ended up having to hold her down and give her a soapy towel wipe down.

The Landfill Count

So, what does 3000 cloth diapers equate to?  If you go back to our little 2000 celebration and look at some of the assumptions, we’ve saved about 75 cubic feet of waste to date.  (I’ll leave the calculations as an exercise for the reader).  That’s a lot of stink.

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